Pricing info

Brown Black Spotted (Brown)

$1700 - $2000 CND

Seal Lynx Spotted (Snow)

$2000 - $2400 CND

Black Silver Spotted (Silver)

$2400 - $3000 CND

Brown Black Marbled (Brown)

$1700 - $1800 CND

Seal Lynx Marbled (Snow)

$2000 - $2200 CND

Black Silver Marbled (Silver)

$2400 - $2600 CND

Pricing FAQ

Reserved from birth until their 8 week evaluation = Base price

Reserved after the 8 week evaluation = Base price to Max price


Included in Price

- Cat carrier.

- Flash drive with all pictures taken of the kitten from birth until the day it leaves us.

- Selection of their favorite toys.

- Some food they are currently eating. 

- Two vet checks before 12 weeks old.

- Core vaccinations at 8 and 12 weeks old

- De-wormed at 8 and 12 weeks old

- T.I.C.A. Registration paperwork. (released when proof of spay/neuter is given)   ​

- A one year signed genetic health guarantee from Impactexotics. 

- Impactexotics (your kittens name here) registered name with T.I.C.A. 

- A copy of all vaccination and veterinary records. 

- Lifetime support for your Bengal.* If flying, minus the food and toys. 

What increases the price? - There is many things but it breaks down to 25% personality and 75% cosmetic. A top priced kitten will have zero bars of color on the torso, no "M" on the forehead (the "M" is a tabby trait and is not seen in the Asian Leopard Cat). The kitten would also have to have a near perfect profile (head, paws, snout, ears, tail, eyes). Please keep in mind a near perfect kitten is very very rare and we may see 1 or 2 in a year's worth of breeding. A maxed priced kitten may also be listed as Breeder and Show Quality in the kittens personal page. It took us a little over 2 years of research to track down and purchase the elite bloodlines we wanted and could see a future in producing.

Lord Byron's bloodlines and Winter's Dawn's profile are our end game and we are very excited to see what they can produce! Fortunately we were correct in our endeavour and our already producing cattery is giving us kittens better than anticipated. The reviews and happy humans are a testament to that.

As for flights, they are a flat rate of $400 CND. (Canadian flights only within direct flights from Abbotsford B.C.)

Flight notes : No longer than a 4 hour flight and no layovers. The kitten flying will also have to stay with us an extra 2 weeks for us to get him/her ready for an extended stay in a cat carrier.

We only fly them out of Abbotsford, B.C. using WestJet. We have had great success with this airport.